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Selling Your Timber at the Sawmill
Specifications for logs and bolts
  • All wood must be fresh cut.

  • Shear cuts are only acceptable if all split is trimmed off.

  • Rot and undersized (diameter and length) will be culled or reduced in price when scaled.

  • Logs are scaled on the ground using the Scribner Decimal C or on the truck if the load is a straight load (all the same length).

  • Bolts are scaled on the truck using stick scale.


  • Please call before cutting as to which lengths we need.

  • Red pine (Norway) lengths are 10', 12', 14', 16', 18' and 20'. Add 4" for trim to each length.

  • Red pine longer lengths are 22' through 34'. Add 4" for trim to each length.

  • White pine lengths are 10', 12' and 16'. Add 4" trim to each length. No 14' lengths.

  • All logs are to have a minimum of 12" diameter.


  • Red, white and jack pine bolts are to be 100" in length.

  • Minimum diameter is 6".

  • Please ensure there is no red dot, dead wood or undersized wood.

Delivery Times and Instructions


  • Logs 10' through 20' may be delivered at any time into the log yard at Cass Lake.

  • Logs longer than 22' need to be delivered during our normal scaling hours.

  • Mark the ends of the logs with your name. We will scale the load(s) the next business day.


  • Scaling hours are Monday-Thursday 6 AM to 4 PM; Friday-6AM to 1 PM.

  • All bolt deliveries are scaled on the truck.

  • Please call the office (218) 335-2694 for current open market prices.

Payment Terms
  • All delivered wood will be paid within 45 days or negotiated.

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